Local Favorites: Manhattan

New York City // Manhattan 

Written by: Nina Grace

New York City's ever hustle & bustle environment always keeps me in awe! "There's just something about New York," that everyone is attracted to and with it's timeless and sleepless city streets there is much to explore.    


120 West 3rd Street

Established in 2012, Oatmeals is the world’s first oatmeal bar. Patronized by those who truly savor this flavorsome meal, Oatmeals has become widely known for its unique recipes and signature sweet and savory oatmeal bowls. 

The High Line


Located in the meatpacking district, this historic and once abandoned rail line is now an elevated public park. You only find elevated parks in New York, right? Wrong! Actually, the High Line was inspired by the Parisian park La Promenade Plantée, which opened in 1993 (sixteen years before High Line).  

Haven's Kitchen

109 West 17th Street

Just two blocks from Union Square, Haven’s Kitchen is a converted carriage house turned renowned recreational cooking school, food shop, and event space. The focus here is to create amazing food while being aware of a sustainable food system.

Still House

117 East 7th Street

With an eye for clean and natural designs, owner Urte Tylaite, offers carefully curated contemporary artwork and designs. You will find unique accessories, home goods, and décor in this modest East Village boutique.

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