Local Favorites: London

London, England

Written by: Nina Grace

Ahhh London, the city of my dreams! This is truly a city full of unique experiences and cultures. From the hip street markets to the historical British Monarchy, London has something for everyone to enjoy separately, yet all together. It is rather easy to get caught in the tourist traveling traditions, but I urge you to stray away from watching the traditional Changing of the Guard (at least for one day) and explore the new and unique local contributions London has to offer.  


193 Upper Street

Folklore holds a collection of home goods, design, and furniture. Curated by husband and wife team Danielle and Rob Reid, they believe better living is possible through quality design.

Covent Garden - Apple Market

41, The Market

Now known as a popular retail market, Covent Garden had a humble beginning as a vegetable market in 1654. Expanding and evolving over centuries, visitors may now observe historic arcades, browse through quaint shops, enjoy live street performances, and try some of London’s delicacies.  

British Museum 

Great Russell Street

As one of London’s most visited attractions and the largest museum in the country, nearly five million individuals visit The British Museum each year. It is home to some of the worlds most historic and finest treasures, including the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon Sculptures.

The Book Club

100-106 Leonard Street

The Book Club is a cultural revolution. Unlike the traditional London pub, TBC hosts an eatery upstairs - serving all things from breakfast to late night cocktails – and a social atmosphere downstairs – hosting events, live music, ping pong games, video games, films, and more. The eclectic space attracts a particular clientele creating a new exciting buzz in this beautiful city.    

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