Traveling Abroad Tips

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Written by: Noelle Shumer

- Before traveling abroad, be sure to check with your bank on what fees you will incur for using your credit/debit card while out of the country. Sometimes it is best to take cash and limit the use of a credit card abroad, as international fees can be hefty.

- Be sure to call the customer service line at your bank and inform them of your travel dates and locations, otherwise they may see the card being used abroad and flag it as stolen. Even if you don’t plan to use your credit card while traveling, you never know if you might need it in case of an emergency.

- When exchanging money to foreign currencies, avoid exchanging at the airport. It is one of the most expensive places to do so. Exchanging money at your local bank at home may be the best way to avoid fees (just be cautious of traveling with large amounts of cash).

- Always try to book a hotel with a safe. That way, you can securely lock up your passport (you should never carry it around with you—make a copy and carry that around) as well as any excess cash and valuables.

- Before traveling, make a copy of your passport and any credit cards you will be traveling with (front + back for the customer service number) to keep at home with a loved one in case something gets lost or stolen, you have the information needed to cancel it.

- Most of all, enjoy your travels! And don’t let travel delays or frustrations rob you of the experience. It is all part of the journey, and often makes for a great story in the end. 

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