Escape To Belle Isle

Photographs & words by: Noelle Shumer

"Beating Cabin Fever"

The Midwest is perfect in the sense of having four beautiful seasons. From winter wonderlands, to blooming springs, sunny summers and fiery autumns. However, by about late February, cabin fever kicks in and leaves us all longing for the world to thaw out. When life doesn't allow for a vacation or week long adventure somewhere warm and sunny, my favorite place to escape to is Belle Isle, an incredible conservatory smack dab in the middle of Detroit, Michigan. It instantly transports you into a tropical and desert dream. I recently spent a cold and gray afternoon up there with a friend pretending we were wandering through the rain forest. It's a quick (and free!) way to beat the winter blues and feel inspired. I'm learning you don't always have to travel far or spend a lot to have an adventure.