3 Summer Carry-On Essentials

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This is Ground - Mod Tablet 2
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As Summer soon approaches, some of us are preparing our vacations without a second thought. Beach retreats! Big city excursions! Something better?! Most of us are already in the mindset to jet set to our next destination and indulge in rich, new, and exciting cultures. But as any Exploress knows, there is an art to packing. Even more so, there's an art to packing efficiently - maximizing your space and minimizing the clutter and disfunction. We love and use these three packing tools to jet set with ease. 

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes 

If you don't own a set of packing cubes yet, do your self a favor and buy one! Store and organize your ______ fill in the blank. From your delicates to your camera and computer chargers, these cubes allow you to fit quite a bit within while minimizing the amount of space taken up in your luggage.    

Lo & Sons Catalina 

The only way we could suggest to make this bag any better would be to add a longer strap to swing across the shoulder. But even without the strap this tote is by far the most useful we've come across. It's huge without being huge! There is so much room to pack enough for…wait for it…two weeks worth! Add a few packing cubes in there, narrow down on a selection of shoes, and there you have it, two weeks worth of clothes in your Catalina carry-on.   

This is Ground Mod 2

The mod 2 tablet is perfect while you're at the airport. Stuff your tablet air or mini, your passport and ID, pens, notebooks, your phone, and headphones or charger. We like the mod 2 in Cognac