Coffee Chats with Sarah Kim

Meet Sarah, she is a 20-something New Yorker living the expat life in Amsterdam! She is the traveler and blogger behind Tales from a Fork, the lifestyle and travel blog focused on food, travel tips, and photography! Naturally it would become an easy transition for CPA Sarah to turn travel blogger as she has been traveling to at least one new country every year since she was 18.

Traveling has been the ultimate heart healer. I lost both my parents by the time I was 10 to cancer. But traveling has opened my eyes to a world far greater than my own. Everywhere I go, I experience lots of love and nonstop fun. - Sarah

First thing anyone visiting should know about Amsterdam?

The tap water is ok to drink!

Describe Amsterdam in three words?

Stroopwaffels, biking, and canals


What do you love most about Amsterdam?

I love that Amsterdam feels like a big city but it's layout is quite compact and convenient so it also has a sleepy village feel. You'll never be bored here, but you'll never feel like you have to hustle like in New York City. Life is slow paced and exciting.

If you're originally from somewhere else, what brought you to Amsterdam?

I'm originally from New York City but I've lived there for a total of 12 years along with some time in Florida and Connecticut. I wanted to experience life outside the East Coast, which left me with Colorado, California, or someplace in Europe, and Europe won.

You have 24 hours to lounge around and do anything, how would you spend your time?

As long as it's sunny, pack an epic picnic with lots of wine, and hang out at the park all day long with friends. My dream big capabilities of "anything in the world" seem to be masked right now for my want of sunshine. It is seriously gray and rainy in Amsterdam most of the time.

What is the best way for a visitor to travel around Amsterdam?

Bike-- It's the Dutch way! But if you feel overwhelmed with biking, walk around Amsterdam. It's small enough to get to most places by walking for 15-30 minutes.

Just for kicks, London or Tokyo?


Anything else you'd like to share?

This year, I'm headed home to New York City for a two week visit. Then I'm off to Lyon, France to celebrate my one year marriage anniversary. As a foodie couple, one dinner to celebrate the night doesn't cut it for us. We want to go out to several restaurants in the gastronomic capital of the world. In the summer, I have plans for Israel, Portugal, England, and South Korea too. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to travel so much.