Coffee Chats with Sienna Brown

Sienna is a woman after our own hearts! This native of NYC braved the storm, mental hurdles, and real life challenges to do what many of us dream about on a regular basis...she quit her job and moved abroad! Now living in Murcia, Spain this Exploress started not one, but TWO startup businesses! A creative consulting business and a blog revolving around the buildup of community in Spain. We wanted to speak with Sienna and find out what life is like for her as she continues to create a life she loves in Murcia, Spain...     


First thing anyone visiting should know about Murcia?

Although it's one of Spain's lesser known cities, Murcia is a total gem. From the fresh food to the blooming creative culture, it's a really inspiring place to be in. When you walk down the street you'll be able to run into such a diverse crowd yet still embrace a true Spanish vibe. Not to mention, I'm constantly coming across amazing small businesses to fall in love with everyday.

Describe Murcia in three words? 

Calm, affordable, refreshing.

Favorite place to eat, drink, and indulge?

My favorite place to eat is definitely El Girasol Vegetariano. It's this quaint vegetarian restaurant that has one of the most vibrant and welcoming atmospheres, not to mention the food is absolutely delicious! There's also this wonderful coffee shop on the other side of the river called Felicidad Cafe, which has great vibes and is the perfect spot to grab a drink with a friend or sit down for a productive morning of work.

You have 24 hours to lounge around and do anything, how would you spend your time?

I'm an early riser so I'd wake up at dawn to sit on my balcony, drinking tea and writing. After, I'd make a nice breakfast filled with the fresh veggies from the market downstairs and have a cup of coffee. I'd pack my camera, sunscreen, journal and headphones to go to a small town called Bullas that is 40 minutes away. There is this breathtaking waterfall called Salto Del Usero and it's a total oasis. I'd head back into town to grab lunch at this delicious Argentinian restaurant, Malena Restobar. They have one of the best menu del dias (a four-course meal and glass of wine for 12 euros) in town. Next, I'd meet up with a friend to go for a walk and probably end the day at Espacio Pático. It's the perfect place to grab a drink and have good conversation. The atmosphere is also always changing depending on which artist exposition they have up, there is always something new to see.

Three Must-sees…?

The Bolnuevo sandstone formations at the beach in Mazarron, Salto del Usero waterfall in Bullas and the vineyards in Jumilla.

Just for kicks, London or Tokyo?

Can I say Madrid? Is that cheating?!

Anything else you'd like to share?

 Something that I really love about living in Murcia is that the creative community here is really on the come up. Coming from New York to this sunny Spanish city, I've found the beauty of realizing that to be a successful creative... you need to take time to enjoy life as well. You'll always find people sitting outside, drinking coffee and having conversation and that's something that's so beautiful about this community. There is always life in the street and human relationships are valued over all, it's a very sustainable lifestyle.