Coffee Chats with Anastasia Yakunina

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Anastasia, or @anastasiayakunina, is such an Exploress at heart! Although born and raised in Vienna, Austria she took the leap to study in Amsterdam for University. Here she is, 2 years later well into her studies and very much in love with Amsterdam. She's a woman after our own hearts as it sounds like she also loves London just as much as we do! Thank you Anastasia for sharing your thoughts about Amsterdam with us and we wish you all the success in your preparation to move to London to continue your studies (we'll see you there soon)!

Coffee Chats with Anastasia Yakunina
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Amsterdam District

First thing anyone visiting should know about Amsterdam?

The most crucial thing to know when visiting Amsterdam is the fact that it is a city where a bike is the most important and practical way to get around. There are so many little narrow and even hidden streets that it is difficult to get to them with a car. Amsterdam has so many beautiful sights to offer, so the best way to experience them is either by walking or cycling around the city. Another feature of Amsterdam is the huge number of cute and cosy cafés and food places that can be found on practically every corner, outside of the more touristy spots of Amsterdam.


Describe Amsterdam in three words?

Cafés, Serenity, Unique architecture


Favorite place to eat, drink, and indulge?

Bakers and Roasters is a New Zealand-style café/brunch spot a bit outside of the centre of Amsterdam with a delicious selection of unique dishes and drinks, the friendliest staff and the cosiest atmosphere. Definitely a must for when you are feeling hungry and in need for something to lift your mood!


You have 24 hours to lounge around and do anything, how would you spend your time?

If I had 24 hours in Amsterdam I would spend it walking along the canals, exploring hidden streets, eating apple pie in cafés, popping into cute hidden boutiques and visiting some art and photography galleries. If it was warm I would rent a boat with friends and sail along the canals drinking wine, listening to the city noises and eating food.


Three Must-sees…?

  1. The streets on the canals near the centre (Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Singel etc.)
  2. Rijksmuseum and the area around it (stunning architecture and amazing cakes)
  3. Jordaan district (antique stores, food spots, boutiques and lovely little streets)


Just for kicks, London or Tokyo?

Both London and Tokyo are my favourite cities, but London is where I want to live because of its unique atmosphere, the rich and amazing culture and history and its large variety of food.

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