Coffee Chats with Christabel Lau


Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Singapore
Wu Kai Sha
North Garden Restaurant Hong Kong
Sai Wan Swimming Shed

We're often inspired by our followers on Instagram, taking note of their travels, daily lives, and personal inspirations. This platform is one of our favorites especially because individuals share their personal stories and images with us by using the hashtag, #Exploress! When Christabel, also known as, @blocpaper, began tagging #Exploress in her photos we quickly noticed her love of food and her appreciation for the place she calls home, Singapore, and surrounding areas. Thank you Christabel for sharing your insight with us today...   

First thing anyone visiting should know about Singapore?

It's a bustling cosmopolitan and garden-like city with a vibrant multicultural experience.

Describe Singapore in three words? 

Safe, Clean and Multi-Cultural

Favorite place to eat, drink, and indulge?

There's no better place than home but if I had to pick my favorite place to eat, drink and indulge, that will be Yardbird Hong Kong.

You have 24 hours to lounge around and do anything, how would you spend your time?

Grab the best cup of latte in town, wander as I wonder because wherever we go becomes a part of us somehow. I would look forward to 24 hours of new discoveries - discovering the unknown and the definition of 'life', loving and living it.

Three Must-sees…?
Halong Bay in Vietnam, Sai Wan Swimming Shed in Hong Kong and last but not least, anywhere that allows me to see things with a new pair of eyes.

Just for kicks, London or Tokyo?


Anything else you'd like to share?

Currently in Hong Kong, a place I defined as my 'second home.' 
I love the rustic charm to this neon and bustling city. Probably, one of the places you will find the food for your soul as it enriches your life with a tasteful note. While my heart is always lingering for the next destination, travel is a part of me where I seek to unveil each new discovery and living like a local through every embarkment.

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