Top 5 Best Travel Destinations for 2015

We learned a LOT about the real meaning of traveling in 2014, it is more than the discovery of sights, but is the embrace of nature, culture, and community. We spent a lot of time on the road (and in the air) this year learning and exploring, as did many of you! As we approach the new year and make plans to be an even more adventurous Exploress, take a look at our Top 5 Best Travel Destinations for the year 2015! Cheers! Here's to a New Year and new travels!



1. Tasmania, Australia 

The laid back island has the perfect landscape, with over 1/3 of the island being protected reserves & conservations, and national parks. Surround yourself with rich nature and culture  by hiking the Overland Track or visiting the extremely hip MONA (Museum of Old & New Art). 

2. Havana, Cuba

With the recent restoration of U.S. and Cuban government relations, more United States citizens will be more than anxious to visit the island only 90 miles off the coast of Miami, FL. Vintage American cars, Cuban cigars; there's a lot more to experience here than meets the eye. 

3. Kaua'i, USA 

Unlike it's Hawaiian island chain neighbors Maui and Hawaii, Kaua'i is settled in it's blend of history and nature. It is the oldest of all the Hawaiian islands at over 5 million years old and stays true to its nickname, the Garden Island. Find your way to Queen's Bath during the off-season for a spectacular view and exhilarating experience. And be sure to experience all that is the Na Pali Coast (pictured above) for breath-taking and humbling views.  

4. Recife, Brazil

When in Brazil, you can never just dismiss Rio, but we have a strong urge to uncover where most won't ordinarily visit. Recife, the capital of the Brazilian state Pernambuco, is no small beach town. It is the 5th largest metro area in Brazil which means the food and entertainment scene is not overlooked here! Best part, you'll still be able to see and enjoy Carnaval. Take in the sights, but also learn about the influence in history of this area at the Museu do Homem do Nordeste. 

5. Dresden, Germany

Dresden has an interesting history which is still clearly marked by the layout of the city districts Altstadt and Neustadt (Old and New Town). Once known as, The Florence of the North, Dresden has endured cultural evolutions and, even more significant, city bombings. Soak in the revised vibe of art, beer, and architecture. 

[Bonus] London, England

London is a classic and our favorite, therefore it will forever be on our lists of must-visit destinations! London is such an incredibly diverse and massive city that even if you live in London, you will not uncover all that the city has to offer. This year we forget about Notting Hill and focus more on contrasting city districts like Shoreditch and Kensington.