Estes Park, Colorado

Words & Photos by Noelle Shumer

I love the desert. I love the ocean. But the mountains, oh the mountains. There is something that exists in the mountains that I just do not think you can find any place else. Perhaps it is that quiet serenity that makes one feel so small in the most beautiful way. I traveled to Estes Park, Colorado just a few short weeks after the town had been nearly devastated by a massive flood. Two of the three main highways were closed due to the flooding leaving only one road into town. It was a wonderful couple of days filled with bright blue skies, perfect temperatures and

starry nights. And despite the government shutdown causing the temporary closing of all national parks the entire time we were there, we still managed to have some great adventures. I rock climbed for the first time, got to cruise around in an old Volkswagen van (dream come true) and really just enjoyed some peace and quiet. The town seemed to be standing strong and standing together to recover from the flooding. If you ever get the chance, make sure to take a few days and visit Estes Park. You will not regret it.