North on the 101...

Written by: Kristin Agnes

Crisp ocean air, wide open roads, magnificent greenery. These are just some of the lovely aspects of a coastal drive from Southern California all the way up to the tip of Northwest Oregon. I ventured on a road trip with two best friends in order to experience the Pacific Northwest in all of its glory. Although a plane ride to Oregon would have been much quicker, it would have left out the indispensable experience of seeing every piece of life and beauty along the way. Starting in Orange County, California, we headed north on the 101 through Central California to Northern California, eventually reaching Oregon’s beaches. Along the way we had breathtaking coastal views as we watched the sunny atmosphere turn into a foggy and cool climate. But each stop was stunning, nonetheless. When we finally reached the quaint cottage town of Cannon Beach, Oregon, we were elated to see the grandeur of Haystack Rock. If you can make a trip to the Pacific Northwest, ensure ample time to stop and enjoy the undeniably serene views of each adorable coastal town.

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