Art & Soul

Words & Images by Emilee Morehouse

One part graffiti, one part history and two parts futuristic determination - Berlin is a city that overflows with the anticipation for greatness. The moment you step foot into the streets you feel the pulsing vibe of expectation; of acknowledging a past filled with hurt and taking that to propel itself forward into an age of cultural relevance and artistic freedom. As an artist, I fell in love with Berlin the moment I stepped off the plane.

While staying in East Berlin’s “artist district” I was surrounded by small boutiques, graffiti, young artists and their families and historical vacant and repurposed buildings. My first night I stayed in a beautiful apartment complex/former prison across the street from former Stasi headquarters. The contrast was one which does well to describe Berlin as a whole: ashes from a troubled past, nurturing a rich awareness for the future.

With street performers, ample amounts of city art and structures that could write novels of their own, Berlin is an undervalued treasure as far as travel destinations go. Staying in Berlin opened my eyes to the power of art and the impact it can have on a culture. From walking the East Side Exhibit, to visiting Museum Island, which is a one of a kind antiquated cultural experience, there were more things to do than even I could accomplish in one week. Cheers to next time!

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