The Overlooked

Words & Images by: Melissa Prieskorn

My eyes glazed through the mid-day heat and endless walking from one tourist attraction to another. All fascinating. All overwhelming. I was fading to the point of a well deserved nap. My friend and I decided to take a shortcut to our hostel, and low and behold a few wrong turns and we stumbled into Hyde Park and the Kensington gardens.

Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park are one of the most beautiful parks I have ever ventured through in London, England. Kensington palace, Italian Gardens, Albert Memorial, the Serpentine Galleries, and of course the famous Peter Pan Statue.  All these beautiful monumental sights are for tourists to explore and for natives to take pride in and enjoy.  What I did not expect to learn from venturing through the park, however, was to take notice of the gardens' overlooked beauties.

The ducks dipping their head into the pond to stay cool while a small boy was mistaking the birds action for peek-a-boo. Leaves dancing on the trees, but only evident if you gazed up at the immaculate living arbor.  Each different type of flower, plant and tree all performing their best for attention.

The joy in noticing the overlooked.

Just from wandering through that park, I gained a new set of lenses. I saw the whole, but also took time to see the many parts that made the gardens one of the most alluring and exquisite landscapes I have ever seen. 

Take time and embrace the lenses that let you see the small parts that make life worth living. 

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.”

― William Blake