Coffee Chat with Jenn & Olivia of Two Fold


Exploresses Jenn and Olivia are the brains and beauties behind the ever-popular creative lifestyle and design boutique, Two Fold. Although the business is based in Los Angeles, California, L.A. is more than just where they work, it is their home. You can typically find these two sitting at a local cafe with their precious pups in their laps. Today we catch up with them to talk about life in L.A. and get a few recommendations for great local spots! 

Tell us a little bit about Twofold

Twofold is a Los Angeles-based boutique firm specializing in all things creative. What started out as an interior design firm in 2011 emerged into a comprehensive one-stop shop for all of our Clients’ design and lifestyle needs. We specialize in interior and event design as well as home, personal and production styling. We constantly want to push ourselves creatively and are always open to different types of projects involving anything that encompasses aesthetics, form and function. For more information on what we do and how we came to be, please visit our website:

How would you describe L.A.?

Los Angeles is an incredibly diverse city. We love that Los Angeles is not only a metropolis filled with a rich layer of culture, history and art, but also a place where you can absolutely find a balance between city and nature if you seek it out. You can drive down Wilshire Boulevard all the way to the ocean and watch the landscape change before your eyes. In fact, just the other day we drove up to Joshua Tree on a whim, it’s incredible how close in proximity we are to so many inspiring landscapes.

How long have you lived here?

Olivia: I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I have lived briefly in other parts of the world but always made my way back home.

Jenn: I grew up south of Los Angeles in Orange County, California. I started to work in the city in 2005 and relocated officially in 2006. I have lived and worked in the city of Angels for the last 8 years.

What other cities have you lived in?

Olivia: I have lived in Paris, Peru and Argentina. I spent a full year in Paris and a few months in both Peru and Argentina.

Jenn: I grew up in the suburban dreamscape of La Mirada and Fullerton. So far I’ve lived in southern California all my life.

So why did you decide to settle in L.A.?

Olivia: Ultimately, I think it comes down to my wonderfully close knit group of friends and family. Living in Los Angeles I feel so blessed to be surrounded by all of their support and encouragement.

Jenn: I love the upbeat nature the city of Los Angeles has. Growing up in the suburbs, I was itching for more diversity and culture. There is so much creative energy that rises from this city that I couldn’t help myself. Also, the weather is quite incredible.

Speaking of weather, when is the best time to visit in your opinion?

Olivia: Personally I love those last few weeks of Summer where it slowly transitions to fall. You can still enjoy the sunshine but there is a subtle and slight shift in the air where you can start to feel Autumn creep in.

Jenn: Anytime, any season! The desert is wonderful all year round. California, north and south is beautiful year long.

Can you recommend any good local restaurants?

Olivia: I recently was able to check out Alma downtown and was floored by Ari Taymor’s flavor profiles. I mean, Uni, Burrata and Caviar on a baby English muffin? Yes please!

Jenn: Hama Sushi in Little Tokyo downtown. It’s quaint and delicious, unpretentious and charming. I’d say it’s a local staple.

What about local shopping?

Olivia: There are some really incredible interior design stores in Los Angeles. I love scoping out antiques at J.F Chen, Eccola and Lawson Fenning to name a few. For discount shopping I try to head over to the Rose Bowl Flea Market or Melrose Trading post when I can to get my hands on some bargain treasures.

Jenn: Thirft and vintage shops around the city are generally my drug of choice. Flea markets as well. There is an incredible thrift store on the Eastside of town called Saint Vincent de Paul’s where I’ve found many a brass candelabra, vintage glassware, accessories, and small furniture pieces. There is also a thrift boutique shop on the Westside of town called Beit T’Shuvah where you can find beautiful antique jewelry, vintage designer clothing and more furniture and accessories as well. For the Mid-city folk, there is a great vintage shop called TINI on Fairfax Avenue that has tons of vintage furniture, books, keepsakes, etc. In regards to interior design and high end furniture shops, Grain LA, Lawson Fenning, Eccola, Holly Hunt and Thomas Lavin are my go to’s.

Best place for a cocktail?

Olivia: You can’t go wrong with any of the iconic hotels in Los Angeles. I love grabbing a dry martini at the Beverly Hills Hotel or the Chateau Marmont. If I’m feeling like playing it more low key I’ll head over to Bar Stella in Silverlake or The Dark Room on Melrose Ave.

Jenn: For specialty cocktails, I’m a fan of the drink menu at The Spare Room Hollywood at the Roosevelt Hotel. There is also a bar in the back of Cole’s French Dip restaurant called The Varnish, located in Downtown Los Angeles.

Any tips or headsups?

When planning out your day make sure to account for traffic delays! Los Angeles is amazing, the only problem is everyone else seems to think so too!

Are there any attractions we should visit?

Olivia: I love spending a lazy Sunday at LACMA. I have visited James Turrell’s ‘A Retrospective’ twice already and each time have left feeling completely reinvigorated. After visiting an exhibit I’ll grab a nice glass of wine at Stark Bar and get in some great people watching. 

Jenn: I’d say the Pacific Ocean is quite an attraction. Standing on the edge of the continent is always awe-inspiring. Visiting museums like LACMA, MOCA, or The Annenberg Space for Photography are pretty amazing too. Take a hike to the Griffith Observatory or the Hollywood sign. The ocean views from Malibu Creek are spectacular as well. I wouldn’t miss experiencing the architectural tours of the city or riding the historical Angels Flight train downtown. Lastly, I think its worth it to take a visit to Echo Park Lake or The Silverlake Reservoir. Both are beautiful sites to sit and watch the sunrise.