Breakfast in St. Pete - Story Brooke Craft Coffee Bar

I might be the only person that I know who doesn't actually drink coffee (I prefer tea), but my friend Monique told me about this new quaint coffee bar that would be a cool breakfast spot that serves some of the best (gluten-free) waffles and coffee in St. Pete! I can't speak on the coffee, but those waffles were delicious! So fluffy and sweet, and a pretty presentation! Pretty aesthetics make me whip out the camera. So I did...kind of, well, I took my iPhone out lol. So apparently the owner's name is Story, hence, Story Brooke Craft Coffee Bar. She's a young 20-something who saved and purchased this spot herself and now she runs it with the help of her brother and a couple of employees. They have a nice little set up and really good customer service. I'd definitely recommend this place. The menu is very limited, I hoped to have eggs with my waffles, but there is no meat on the menu (yet?) aside from a...I think it was a turkey or ham...sandwich. Even with a limited menu, the atmosphere and vibe of this place is really that of a coffee shop, so a select menu is to be expected. According to their Instagram account they're already in the works of expanding their space, so perhaps with more room come more menu items? We'll see. Until then, check them out and try their waffle feature of the day! - #Exploress