St. Petersburg, Florida

Living up to its name, Mis en Chic embodies elegance at its finest. From fine art to chic garments this boutique captures the essence of living lavishly. You will certainly use most of your five senses when walking throughout Mis en Chic with much to see, touch, smell, and hear.

With origins beginning during the Great Depression in 1933, Haslam’s Book Store has more history than any popular chain bookstore. Haslam’s has stood the test of time, resulting in the expansion to a retail space of over 30,000 sq ft. and well over 300,000 new and used books.

Misred has quickly become the popular vintage boutique offering designer pieces. In addition to providing rare coveted pieces, Misred also carries its own line, Black Label. This is one boutique you won’t want to skip, where vintage meets modern chic.

PSM, a space where eclectic meets vintage. This 2500 sq ft space is filled with vintage home décor and furniture finds. Co-owners, Sean and Celesta, attribute Parisian markets for their approach to this market styled store.  

Contrast to its popular location on Beach Drive, Hooker Tea Company maintains a lighthearted atmosphere. The soothing sounds of John Mayer and the like play through the tea house speakers while scents of vanilla, mint, and honey caress your senses.

This iconic museum is an absolute must see in order to discover the collections of the master surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. Including works from his entire career The Dali Museum carries a collection of paintings, original drawings, prints, sculptures, manuscripts, and other works of art. Find inspiration and education in this large and distinct structure that is The Dali Museum.