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[ik-splawr-is]    noun

"A woman with a burning desire to travel and explore the beauty in life, style, food, and culture." 

Travel Guide Series

If you've journeyed to this page it is likely that you were solicited, thank you for taking the time to seek more information about The Exploress! Our aim is to build a space for a community of like minded women who are truly enthusiastic about traveling, exploring and being exposed to other cultures. So often when we travel, we want to experience our destination like a local would. This travel guide is an opportunity to not only provide valuable content to our audience, but more importantly promote local and independent businesses around the globe (we're very big supporters of start-ups and independent businesses)!  We believe featuring local businesses, natural sites and cultural sites in our guide will enhance The Exploress community's knowledge base, promote sustainable tourism and create positive attention to your destination.

How it will work  

Please submit the brief application below. In this application we'll ask general questions about the destination: what are some things to do, what makes the destination unique, are there any little known facts, etc. 

We may have an Exploress Ambassador in your area, if we do would your organization be willing to _______ in exchange for images & video content? If so, we will contact you directly in order to coordinate the details.  

Travel Guides

This isn’t your average travel guide resource; we infuse creativity, style, and adventure while sharing the story and importance of the community's culture. We believe the world can begin to be a better place when individuals are exposed to other cultures. Our goal is to expose those individuals through beautiful imagery & captivating, yet organic, storytelling.  

Please note that The Exploress Travel Guide provides independent reviews, although we do accept donations and offer limited sponsorships, we will not accept payment in exchange for listings or positive endorsements of any business.