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"A woman with a burning desire to travel and explore the beauty in life, style, food, and culture." 



Coffee Shop Chats 

If you've journeyed to this page it is likely that you were solicited, thank you for taking the time to seek more information about The Exploress! Our aim is to build a space for a community of like minded women who are truly enthusiastic about traveling, exploring, and being exposed to other cultures. So often when we travel, we want to experience our destination like a local would. This is our opportunity to (virtually) talk to the locals and get an insiders perspective of their city while gaining a few tips on some of the best places to visit while there. We believe you could enhance this community through your experience and content. This is a series featuring extraordinary women who will share and discuss local travel tips, advice, and favorites!    



How it works  

Imagine we're sitting next to each other at the local coffee shop, let's just talk candidly. Let your personality shine through! Your answers can be as long or as short as you'd like; all you have to do is fill out the brief application below and press submit. After submission, you'll receive an email from our team thanking you and letting you know we've received your submission. 


Please Note

If possible, we kindly request that you provide your answers within a 1-2 week period from our initial email to you. You will receive notification when your post is live! :-)

In order to maintain a trust worthy website this series is not open for any unsolicited features. Thank you for your understanding. 


Living. Learning. Exploring. 

Our mission at The Exploress is to inspire and educate. We encourage women around the globe to travel with an emphasis on lifestyle and local culture. Together we create a unique community of young, creative, and adventurous women who aspire to live a more cultured life – sharing our travel experiences and lifestyles. We are passionate about exploring the beauty in life, style, food, and culture on a global scale and strive to engage others through our online platform.

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