[ik-splawr-is]    noun

"A woman with a burning desire to travel and explore the beauty in life, style, food, and culture." 

Living. Learning. Exploring. 

The Exploress is an online travel media resource company. We are bringing together a community of young, creative, and adventurous women who want to live a more cultured and inspired life – sharing in travel experiences and lifestyle. From the sandy beaches of Miami to the mountains of Nepal, we are exploring cities through their unique style, food, and culture! This is the women’s traveling experience network.


Travel Guides

This isn’t your average travel guide resource; we infuse creativity, style, and adventure while still providing reviews in which our readers can connect with. More importantly, as Exploresses, we focus heavily on local and independent businesses. If you would like to request a store review from The Exploress, please email info@theexploress.com. Please note that The Exploress Travel Guide provides independent reviews, and will not accept payment in exchange for listings or positive endorsements of any business. 

 Creative Productions

The Exploress will showcase very unique, original content for our readers. We work with a team who create fresh and pertinent content from curated blog postings to fully produced videos. The Exploress partners with brands to create an inspirational and innovative user experience. If you are interested in advertising with us please email advertise@theexploress.com.



At TheExploress.com, we believe in creating a life filled with love, creativity, and passion. Our passion is to provide inspiration and adventure to our readers around the globe, whether it be through visual or editorial content, local travel guides and reviews, or our featured "coffee shop chats" we conduct with like-minded women.


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